These boots were made for walking....down the street. Sometimes the simplest locations are right in your own backyard, or in this instance, out the front on the street. My aim was to try to take some funky shots playing in the shadows of the trees but the sun refused to cooperate for the most part.

Last week was the start of the first of many upcoming outfits for the Winter season and this week features another pair of boots and this fabulous faux fur vest. Put together with some rad red jeans and I'm all set to rock 'n' roll. However, some people may be against all types of fur clothing, real or faux. What is your opinion?

The bracelet was a purchase I made during a recent trip to Adelaide. We visited the German town of Hahndorf, situated approximately 20 minutes from the CBD and the bracelet was locally made. I am a huge supporter of local designers and craftsmanship, plus my favourite colour is red so it was a match made in heaven.

What are your top picks of the season for the approaching colder weather?

Top: Giordano Jeans: Country Road Vest: Miss Shop (Myer) Boots: KickersBracelet: Hahndof Academy

Photos by Mark Holmes