I bet you have times like me when you just want to be a little kid all over again. Or maybe you never stopped being a kid; you're always a big kid and sometimes you never want to grow up, just like Peter Pan.

My childhood was reminiscent of overalls; it seemed to be and still seems to be the essential clothing item in every child's wardrobe. Do you remember the sturdy denim or corduroy materials with the classic straps over the shoulders that fastened together with metal hook and button? The grown-up version doesn't always feature these aspects nowadays; variations include names such as jumpsuit, playsuit, onesie. Costume onesies are particularly popular at themed dress-up parties!

There just seems to be an innate carefree-ness of a one-piece. Maybe it's because it reminds me of the naivety and innocence of children; or maybe it's because you don't have to worry about pairing a blouse with a bottom garment and have the freedom to have fun with accessories.

Be it the former, the latter or simply both, there is an aspect of the onesie that makes me never want to grow up.

Jumpsuit: Vintage Country Road

Photos by Shannon Hayes