If you were in BrisVegas during the most recent weekend, you would have been crazy not to have been outside soaking up the sunshine. It would had to have been one of the warmest, sunniest weekends that we've experienced in quite a while.

Which is why you don't see me wearing a cardigan/jumper/jacket/coat in these photos but winter touches are still evident in this floppy, felt, winter hat and cowboy boots. How often do you see hats like these nowadays?

They add a stylish touch and you can sneak a peek out from under the brim while keeping things feminine, demure and just that little bit mysterious. After all, a lady never reveals all her secrets.

Blouse: Portmans Skirt: Portmans Bracelets: Fossil Necklaces: Diva Hat: City Beach Boots: Kickers

Photos by Mark Holmes