My small group of supportive, regular readers may have noticed that I didn't release today's post at its usual time slot of 10.00am. Usually a stickler for routine and as humans are creatures of habit, I am going to use the "time poor" excuse/explanation as I have in the past, and I can only hope that I won't let time get the better of me going forward.

But time is usually the reason why I end up taking a batch of outfits and photograph them all in the one session at the one location. In learning how to make the light my friend, I have started conducting my research into purchasing a digital camera. Clearly, still being an amateur, I have also reached out to the professionals, networking through friends of friends, to not only find out what will be the best camera to buy for my purposes but also to strike up some mutually beneficial relationships.

With any luck, the quality of my images will soon improve! In the meantime, did you have any other digital camera recommendations?

Jumpsuit: French Connection Heels: Forever 21

Photos by Shannon Hayes