To the theatre! And what a stage it was! I was somewhat ill-prepared for this shoot but pulled together some pretty florals against a beautiful backdrop.

Noosa Botanic Gardens are on the shores of Lake MacDonald, near the hinterland town of Cooroy. Comprising eight hectares of both native and exotic plant species, I didn't get to cover anywhere near that much area in the couple of hours that I dilly-dallied there. And unlike any other botanic gardens I have so far visited in my (short) life, it has an amphitheatre. Used for community events and performances as well as outdoor weddings, I had to try the "echo test".

If my memory serves me well, I vaguely remember during a school exchange to France, whereby upon visiting some old ruins where an amphitheatre once stood, the tour guide told the group that if you stand in the middle of the stage and whisper, a person situated in the back row would be able to hear every word that you spoke. And if you clapped, the echo would resonate around the amphitheatre, due to its architectural design.

A quick search on trusty Wiki and I can't find anything to support this memory. But there wasn't much of an echo when I clapped in this particular amphitheatre. It's probably why they invented microphones.

Dress: Review Shoes: Country Road

On Location: Noosa Botanic Gardens