Did I mention that I went to Melbourne last November and went on a ridiculous shopping spree? Well, I went to Melbourne last November and went on a ridiculous shopping spree. And I'm slowly cutting the tags off the clothes to wear them.

I'm not the type of person to cut the tags off my garments straight away after buying them to wear them. I'm known for holding onto items after buying them in order to save the garment for an "occasion". I'm trying not to do that anymore and buy pieces that I know I'm going to wear almost straight away.

But I'm always a sucker for a dress with a flattering fit. You know that feeling when you pull up the zipper and as soon as you're done, you know that the dress fits the contours of your body perfectly and in a flattering way? That's how I felt when I pulled on this white Topshop number down at the Jam Factory. And instead of going for girly, I decided to vamp up this outfit with some awesome suede leather boots that I also picked up while down in Melbourne.

I found this cool wall of graffiti when looking out the window on the bus one morning so my photographer friend and I trotted down there and played with a thumbs-up skull and a bearded man who looks like he is checking out my derriere. Did you notice them before I pointed them out?

Dress: Topshop Boots: Django & Juliette Necklace: Mimco Sunglasses: My Own

Photos by Amy Webster