My recent vacation to Japan and shopping experience made me realise that lately I have developed a penchant for white (or variations of white) tops. It was definitely evident in my shopping habits whilst in Tokyo and Kyoto that as soon as I walked into a store, I was drawn to the white.

A testament to this recent affinity to the colour associated with purity saw me purchase five white tops whilst in Japan (all which hang here - I hope my mother isn't reading this), however, I realised as I hung them on my clothes rack to take this picture, that I have purchased more than five white tops alone in the last twelve months!

My argument is that white goes with everything ranging from your collared, long-sleeved, button down shirt for the office to your frilly, sleeveless blouse for a night out and then finally the basic cotton, cap sleeved T-shirt for the weekend.

A girl can never have too may shoes AND never too many white tops.