There are some places in Brisbane that I always love revisiting. And I like watching how they constantly evolve, what through renovations or social change. When you see change happening however, there are times when you want to see that the original charm and essence remains.

This weekend, I visited Mt Gravatt lookout. It was a beautiful sunny day that it would make you think that it's still Summer and not heading into Autumn. It has a wonderful view of Brisbane's CBD and south-side and can be enjoyed during the daytime and night.

I remember coming here as a child with my family whereby a playground and set of swings used to stand. Now, there is a cafe that is run during the day serving Merlos coffee and a (safer) playground remains, as well as the sun dial. At night, the city lights twinkle and the lookout can attract a variety of demographics.

Where is your favourite lookout spot?

Dress: American Apparel Shoes: Lacoste Sunglasses: My Own

Photos by Amy Webster