It's funny how when you return to places that you used to frequent for an extended period of your life that you catch yourself reminiscing and then taking notice of things that have changed since the last time you visited.

I went back to my alma mater, the University of Queensland, and the sandstone buildings remain as magnificent as the day I left them. We were blessed with clear skies and sunshine during a period where we have had persistent rain. UQ presents many inspiring backdrops and I hope to return again soon, so stay tuned!

I remember during my student days (take me back!) how fashion would mostly consist of jeans and flip flops, or for those that lived on campus, one's pyjamas. Unlike your studies, where you were just figuring out whether or not what you were studying is what you'd end up doing for the rest of your life, getting dressed to attend classes (cough cough) seemed to be an easy decision.

I never actually wore brogues to uni; even now, they're not the first pair of shoes that I turn to when putting together an outfit. But this time, I didn't need to figure out anything. It just seemed to work.

Class dismissed.

Dress: Vintage Park Lane Earrings: Forever 21 Handbag: Giancarlo Macucci Shoes: Just Because Bracelet & Ring: My Own

Photos by Amy Webster

On Location: University of Queensland, St Lucia