I recently travelled to Japan for the first time and had the most amazing holiday. The country is absolutely mind-blowing; I definitely only scraped the surface and want to return to explore more one day.

I travelled to Tokyo, Nagoya and Kyoto over a period of two weeks and experienced delicious cuisine, navigated the most phenomenal train system in Tokyo and witnessed some marvellous cultural icons.

One of the kookiest things I did was to go to a rabbit cafe - not to eat rabbit, but to play with rabbits and feed them and then have a coffee afterwards. My favourite part was karaoke on our last night in Kyoto with a bunch of fellow travellers in our hostel, belting out pop and rock songs into the wee hours of the morning.

I highly recommend Japan as a holiday destination as it definitely has so much to offer. I've whittled my expansive photo collection down to the gallery you see. Enjoy!

Photos by Felicity Cox and Me