White isn't always the easiest colour to wear (especially on your bottom half!) unless it's the trusty ol' classic white tee.

But I got lucky with this beautiful white wrap, A-line dress. And this time, I paired it with a souvenir I picked up from Kenya during my recent travels to Africa (see POSTCARDS FROM AFRICA). The beading work is seen throughout Africa, resplendent in colourful jewellery and other souvenirs.

Monochrome has been trending quite a bit in the last year or so and it's one that doesn't seem to grow old. It's one of my favourites!

(P.S. I've noticed that most of my blog posts have me wearing sunglasses; so moving forward, I'm going to make a concerted effort not to always wear them in my blog posts! Might just need to move into the shade...)

Dress: Cue Clothing Co | Shoes: Zara | Watch: Mimco | Clutch: Kenya Markets | Jewellery: My Own

Photographed by Izaac Jensen