Ahhhh Italia! Pizza, pasta, pesto, wine, history, fashion, art, gelato - and I feel like I barely scraped the surface!

Busabout took me through Italy and it was such a surreal experience to tick this destination off my bucket list. Each way I turned was literally a postcard picture; I've even had to split my albums into two as Cinque Terre alone requires its own post (to follow soon!). The only unfortunate thing to tarnish the experience were the opportunistic street vendors pushing selfie sticks in your face in the major tourist venues, but you soon forget their cries of "Selfie! Selfie!" as you stand in St Peter's Basilica within Vatican City and look up at the ceilings in stupendous awe.

Eating gelato at least once every day (hey, I was on holiday and it was part of my cultural eating experience, alright?) and being blessed with sunshine almost the entire time, the two weeks I traipsed through some of the larger cities and other smaller towns has left me aching to go back and further explore!

MY TOP TIP: Go to St Peter's Basilica early in the morning and pay €5 to climb to the top of the Dome of the Basilica; the 360° views of Rome are breathtaking and then you can walk straight into the Basilica once you descend without needing to queue again. Not recommended for those who aren't comfortable with small, tight spaces as the staircases become more narrow as you climb higher into the Dome.

1. Venice - A gondolier with his passengers | 2. Venice - Doors on the island of Murano | 3. Venice - A gondola waiting in a canal | 4. Verona - Arena di Verona | 5. Rome - The Colosseum | 6. Rome - Inside St Peter's Basilica | 7. Rome - Frescos inside the Vatican Museums | 8. Capri - Hybrid flowers | 9. Isle of Capri - Meeting the Mediterranean Sea | 10. Isle of Capri | 11. Isle of Capri - Bathing in some welcome sunshine | 12. Isle of Capri - Lunch with a view | 13. Amalfi - Italian ceramics

Photos by Me | Edited by Ryan Wood