It's only taken me almost a year since I left home to gallivant through Europe to start publishing a series of my most treasured picture memories from my adventures abroad.

2015 was the year that I would visit Europe for the first time and I spent approximately five months on the road. I visited some amazing cities, feasting on culinary delights, immersing myself in local culture, wandering through narrow alleyways and meeting fellow like-minded travellers from all over the globe.

I spent the first six weeks touring with Busabout (, hopping on and off between cities. Travelling by bus isn't for everyone; while it is usually the cheaper option, travel time is usually longer but for anyone looking at travelling solo for the first time, I would recommend Busabout to you.

I can't even put into words how travelling to other countries around the world has opened my eyes and challenged me; physically, mentally, financially and emotionally. Here's to the next adventure!

1. Berlin - East Side Gallery, Berlin Wall | 2. Berlin - Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (Holocaust Memorial) | 3. Prague - Prague Castle by night | 4. Prague - St Vitus Cathedral | 5. Prague - Rooftops of Prague | 6. Cesky Krumlov - Rooftops of Cesky Krumlov | 7. Vienna - The Gloriette in Schonbrunn Palace Garden | 8. Grunau - A hop, step and jump | 9. Munich - The New Town Hall in Marienplatz | 10. Munich - Neuschwanstein Castle

Photos by Me | Edited by Ryan Wood