We’re constantly on the move, always busy and feel like the to-do list will never be completed (it won’t, ever, but put that out of your mind for now). Technology is both a blessing and a curse. It has made our lives more efficient, made processes faster and communication instant; but it has also contributed to deteriorating eyesight, poor posture and childhood obesity.

I’ve read many blog posts and articles suggesting methods for unwinding and relaxing (e.g. exercise, read a book etc), all methods that are valid and helpful when put into practice. Below are five more options that you may or may not have considered that I believe can also help instead of reaching for the vino.

1.     Spend 30 minutes colouring in

It’s amazing how several concentrated minutes focused on staying within the lines can do for calming your mind and the sense of satisfaction you feel when seeing the finished product. I’m making my way through The Mindfulness Colouring Book (by Emma Farrarons) & The Time Garden (By Daria Song). Visit Waterstones, Amazon or The Book Depository to purchase a colouring book in-store or online.

2.     Organise your travel photos

We take so many photos while we’re travelling and then almost never go back to look through them! Do yourself a favour and declutter; delete all the doubles and the photos that don’t invoke a memory. It might also inspire you to plan your next adventure!

3.     Create a music playlist

Studies suggest that music can lift your mood, boost happiness and reduce anxiety. Perhaps playing some of your favourite tunes will tick off all three! Do you have an upcoming event? A birthday party, perhaps? Or maybe it’s time to create that playlist that will get you going for a run. Songs can be linked to particular memories and certain emotions, so find your favourites and put them together for your next boogie!

4.     Write in a journal

I understand that this relaxation method isn’t for everybody. But, if you find yourself in a position where you don’t have a friend to vent to over the telephone, getting it all out of your system onto paper may prove therapeutic. You don’t have to ever read it again. You might. But you can also tear it up and throw it away once you’ve finished writing. Just write it down first.

5.     Make your next gift a DIY gift

Do you have a hobby or a craft that you’ve been wanting to try for ages but never got around to doing it? This may be cheesy but it could be the perfect time to start. Take your pick from embroidery, screen printing, pottery, scrapbooking or whatever takes your fancy. You could end up saving some money, learning a new skill and adding a personal touch for your gift recipient (it’s the thought that counts!).