Sometimes, you might find yourself travelling solo on the road. You’ve specifically chosen to take a “me time” holiday or friends were unable to join you for various reasons (family commitments, not enough money etc.) And you’re happy to wander cobblestone streets and explore ancient ruins all on your lonesome. But does the thought of dining alone and asking the waiter “Table for one, please?” leave you cringing and shaking in your boots?

Well, it shouldn’t. Embrace your temporary lone wolf status and remember the following ten advantages:

1.       You can choose whatever you want to eat without feeling guilty (especially dessert).

2.       You can decide whenever you want to eat; you’re working to nobody else’s timetable but your own!

3.       During busy periods, you’re more likely to be seated without a reservation compared to travelling in a group.

4.       You don’t have to share your meal (particularly dessert).

5.       You don’t need to deal with fussy and/or indecisive company.

6.       You don’t have to worry about whether you’re using your cutlery correctly or leaning your elbows on the table; nobody is there to judge your dining etiquette (maybe surrounding diners will judge, but ignore them and judge them right back).

7.       There is no need to engage in undesirable topics of conversation with less than desirable company.

8.       You have the option to read your book, update your Instagram account and/or people watch from your stoop, without worrying about being rude!

9.       The waiter will give you their undivided attention (theoretically speaking if you’re not the fussy difficult type) and might even throw in some free extras (perhaps dessert?).

10.   You don’t have to go through the tedious process of splitting the bill.

So go ahead! Indulge yourself. Who knows? You might even come across a fellow solo diner...