I’m attending a dear friend’s wedding next month (hooray!) and I have nothing to wear. Okay fine – I don’t have anything suitable to wear. Like many others, my style has evolved over time. I’m quite particular now. My friends know what to expect. Black, white and grey. Throw in some denim, navy tones, khaki nuances and beige staples and this is how my wardrobe is assorted.

Tradition dictates that you don’t wear white (for obvious reasons) and you don’t wear black, as this colour is typically associated with mourning and corporate life. BUT – this is the 21st century. There are plenty of photos on Pinterest that show bridal parties with bridesmaids in black dresses (and variations of), which supports my argument that wearing black to a wedding is much more acceptable nowadays.

I’m convinced that I can wear black to the wedding (much to the dismay of my mother and my boyfriend) and this is my reasoning why:

1.      Black is slimming 
It suits everybody; every skin tone and body shape. This last point is important; find a dress that will flatter your figure.

2.      Black is classy
There’s a reason why it’s called a “Black-Tie” event. Particularly for weddings with a formal dress code, black is classic and never goes out of fashion. Play with textures – find a dress with a lace bodice, metallic embellishments or a tulle skirt.

3.      Accessories Unlimited
You won’t have any headaches choosing what shoes to wear because you can wear black shoes (every woman has at least one pair) or any coloured pair of shoes with a black dress! You also have an unlimited choice of colour(s) for your jewellery and handbag.

4.      Focus on the Bride
More often than not, the Bride will be wearing a white/ivory/cream/off-white wedding gown. Thus, next to your black dress, she will stand out even more! This makes you such a great friend.

5.      Expect the Unexpected
If a drink is spilled on your dress (heaven forbid) by that distant relative of the family who has drunk a little too much during the speeches, the stain is less likely to be noticed. Get your dress dry cleaned ASAP!

What do you think? Do you think it’s appropriate to wear black to a wedding?